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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where have you gone, Babe Ruth ? 1927 was a darn good year: a double header for the Bambino and the Yankees. And 2010 is no slouch either, with the double-headed lotuses featured here.

Remnant of peaceful days: Leftover architecture from 1915 and 1936 World's Fairs. Cigars, baby strollers and ice cream cones still linger in the air. Let's not forget the suffragettes and the Gibson Girls (this old geezer was there.)

A lone orchid rears its mauve head, capturing Ra's morning rays.

Beautiful but deadly: Who knows what poisonous insects lurk in the heart of the garden?

3 questions: Do frogs jump from lily pad to lily pad ? Did Stalin drink Vodka ? Where is the largest lily pad in the world ? (Call Amazon John.)

Money doesn't grow on trees, but wild orchids exist on the breeze.

California gold coast sunset. Is there an Aussie in the crowd? (Because California and its girls are irresistible, but nothing comes close to the Australian Gold Coast and its many natural wonders.)

Behold the sacred Lotus, featured prominently in the ancient Vedic and Egyptian cultures. Vishnu, the preserver of Life, dreamed in the primordial waters and the lotus flower emerged from his navel. Within its folds came forth a cosmic egg holding Brahma the creator, who unfolded new worlds, new gods, and new life forms. In Egyptian mythology, the primordial waters of creation birthed the blue lotus. This sacred flower invoked Isis, Osiris, Thoth, and the youthful Sun god Nefertem - patron of healing, cosmetics and perfume.

Asian-style roof and waxing moon.

Orange and chartreuse: Soft petals on misty morning make for bee's soft landing, aroma's scent wafting through the ethers heighten's one's Cloud 9 elation.

Is this a ghostly apparition? A visitor from the 1890s with a Renoir-like straw hat?

Archway portal to an emulated Portugese bell tower.

Lilacs and Moorish fountain greet the visitor in this clandestine garden.

Historic church in Balboa Park, with mosque-like architecture.

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